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Here is a list of quality gear I use for live applications and studio performances. I currently am using a combination of rack gear to compliment my live sound as the band I'm in performs songs from different styles. I need this flexibility to be comfortable playing.

  • 1985 Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway w/Explorer Headstock
  • 1991 Gibson SG
  • 2002 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
  • 1999 Taylor 310CE Acoustic/Electric

  • 1982 Marshall JCM 800 Model 2206 50 watt Head

    (autographed by Jim Marshall himself in 1990)

  • Rocktron Piranha preamp
  • Rocktron Velocity 300 amp
  • Rocktron mAxe preamp
  • Tube works Mosvalve amp
  • Peavey Renown combo amp

  • Ampeg slanted 4x12 stereo enclosure loaded w/celestion vintage 30 speakers
  • Peavey 2x12 stereo enclosure loaded w/sheffield speakers
  • EV 4x12 enclosure loaded w/EV Series 2 speakers

  • Yamaha GEP50 Guitar Effects Processor
  • BBE 422A Sonic Maximizer
  • Rocktron 300G Compressor

  • Yamaha MFC10 Foot Controller
  • Digitech RP5 Foot Controller

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