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Kenn Distin 2005 Picture   Currently I am writing and recording and working with an Independent Record Company, Crossfire Records, located in Syracuse, NY. Crossfire Records is a Christian based company and they work with local Christian artists and musicians. They are working with me to help shop my music in the industry. You can reach their website here.
   Recently Crossfire Records released a CD, by Street Christians titled "Fulfillment". The CD was entered into the 8th Annual Syracuse Sammy Awards. A yearly music award is given to the best musicians in central New York, in their genre. Street Christians, won First Place for the category of Hip Hop/Rap this year 2005. Full cover story here.

   I began my start in music in 1980. My strongest instruments are guitar and keyboards respectively. I've been performing and writing music on guitar for 25 years and 23 years on keyboards. I've played in various style cover bands and original projects over the years.

   I've contributed to a first place finish and second place finish in Moravia Central School's Jazz Band in 1984 and 1985 respectively. Also I was a guitar player for a band The country Rebels who took first place two years in a row in Cortland, NY at the Eagles Club hosted by Ollies Country Roundup in 1983 and 1984. The first high school rock band I played in was Destiny. A fun band and learning experience and we had some originals to boot.

   My educational background consists of: One year of college level Music Theory, with a final grade score of 97%. Five years of high school concert band playing the Tenor Sax. I studied various educational books on Jazz Theory and technique, Studio recording, and Engineering. I learned techniques from various musicians and engineers side by side, in the field over the last twenty years. I have just over 1 year of Jazz Guitar study under the teachings of Larry Meyer. Larry was a student under the Jazz Piano great Lennie Tristano.

Mata Hari Picture Thumbnail     I wrote my first song in 1981 and have been writing music ever since then. My first all original hard rock band, Mata Hari, recorded their first five song demo in Utica, NY in 1988. (Mata Hari came to life in 1986 and I joined the project in 1987). This demo was produced by, Carl Canedy. Carl was the drummer to a well known band from Cortland, NY and popular in Europe, called The Rods. This was my first actual experience in the studio and I'll tell you I was really nervous. Mata Hari went through what is called a "Pre Production" before entering the studio. Basicly it's where you fine tune the song and all the musicians parts, so you're ready to record when you hit the studio. We spent 6 weeks getting prepared. It saves you a lot of money since you pay by the hour.

Brute Force Picture Thumbnail   The longest band that I played in, from 1988 to 1991, was Brute Force. A high energy Metal cover band, playing songs from such bands as Judas Priest, Scorpians, Skid Row, etc. This was my first full production band with full lighting and 4000 watt P.A. system and road crew. Brute Force was fronted by singer Jerry Barber who was from a popular band in the early 1980's called Tokyo. Jerry sadly passed away in 2004 due to cancer. He was a talented and great guy and will be missed.

   Brute Force was responsible for organizing a benefit for the families, of the soldier's, who were fighting in the Gulf War. The benefit was supported by the VFW. Brute Force and a few other bands helped with this benefit to raise enough money, to help these families through their tough times. I was asked by my band's manager to write a song for the benefit. I wrote a song titled "We will be Waiting" dedicated to the soldier's and their families. The VFW recorded the concert on video, along with my song, and it was aired on the Cortland, NY Public Access Channel.

   In 1991, I joined a newly started cover band call Jac Nervous. The band fronted by Diane Jacobs, was the first band I played in which featured a female vocalist. I mostly played the keyboards and carried most of the back up singing for the band. We had a set list which consisted of more than 15 songs from Heart. Diane was an exceptional singer and had a voice that was extremely sweet and smooth.

Quest Live in Little York, NY   After some time, Jerry Barber called me, he was looking for a guitar player to complete his new band. I joined in 1992 and the metal band Quest was born. This band was another high energy band and always got the crowd right into the music we were playing. We recorded a three cover song demo at our Bass player's friends studio. Though I was not involved in the recording as I was just learning at the time.

   I played in a cover band called Nervous Surgeon, who opened up for Saigon Kick in 1994, at the time the place was called the Ocean Front in Ithaca, NY. It's now called The Haunt. After Nervous Surgeon came to an end, I met some musicians who had backed up some smaller country acts from Nashville. We formed a country band but had not come up with a name yet. Our Steel Guitar player Peter had connections with Michael Twitty from Nashville, who is the son of lengendary country star Conway Twitty. Michael  would contact Peter to put together a group of musicians to back him up when he toured the North East and I had the pleasure of playing lead guitar for him in the summer of 1997.

   I met Smoulik Avigal in Cortland, NY through some friends. Smoulik was the frontman for a popular band in Europe during the early 1980's called Picture. Picture was out of Holland and they were signed by RCA Records. At the time of meeting Smoulik, he and guitarist Danny Shetrit had just completed the songs to their album and were looking for a keyboards to complete their project. I was hired to add the keyboards and was given credit for my contribution. Here is a link to their project called Moonrock.

Slaphammer Live gig Picture   I moved to Long Island, NY in 1997 and I played in a few bands. The first was a cover band called Slaphammer. We played classic rock and played quite a few bars on the island. I recorded a 4 song Demo of the band which came out great. The second cover band I played in was called Potbelly and I just played the keys. This band only lasted for 4 months and... well, fell apart.

   Also I performed in an acoustic duo act, playing songs from the Adult Contemporary style music. We were named Patrice and Kenn and performed Coffee houses and Cafe's. I recorded a demo of the cover songs we covered and it turned out quite well. Patrice was a gifted singer and we worked very well together.

   The year of 2000 was the year I met Larry Meyer and shortly there after began my study of Jazz guitar under him. Larry is an extremely talented musician and is well educated in Jazz Theory. Larry being a student under the Master of Music Theory, Jazz Piano great Lennie Tristano has made him a Master in his own right.

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